Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ACLU v NSA pleadings, etc. ACLU v NSA pleadings, etc.

This is most of the ACLU v. NSA pleadings, etc. that I can find so far:

Note that this is an incomplete list of documents. First, I didn't bother with all of the amici briefs as they have no real legal import. Secondly, a lot of the government's pleadings are, at present, missing here, as the ACLU mostly put up their own pleadings. Also, some of these documents are from a post by Orin Kerr at

The ACLU put its documents up on its website in .pdf format straight from conversion from a word processing document. As a result, they consist of text and formatting information. As a result, it is possible to copy text out of these documents for insertion elsewhere. That is not the case with the .pdf files generated by the government. As a result, instead of consisting of text and formatting, the government .pdf files are scanned images. The result is that you can't copy text out of them as text. For that reason, I am in the process of converting those documents to Word format through OCR. Unfortunately, correcting the resulting Word documents is laborious, and, thus, takes awhile. Also, note, that I am not fixing formatting, and, thus, these documents look different. I have, however, maintained pagination - but use the bottom page numbers, not the top ones, to navigate.

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Blogger vnjagvet said...


Thanks for aggregating this information.

And thanks also for the informative comments on JOM.

I've been trying to pick apart the APA cause of action on Orin Kerr's post on Volokh, and am making some headway, but it is tough sledding.


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