Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Homosexuality and Homophobia Homosexuality and Homophobia

Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. in his article on homosexuality referenced below makes some more interesting points about male homosexuality, not all of which is very pleasant. But one thing that is interesting is the tie between male homosexuality and violence.

One interesting point that he brings up is that our closest animal relatives, other primates, esp. chimps, use copulatory behavior as dominence displays. And because of this, if the one being mounted does not agree with the dominence being asserted, these attempts at copulatory dominence displays can turn quite violent.

So, it should not be surprising that some males react quite strongly, and even quite violently, in response to amorous attempts by other males in their direction. I would suggest here that it is likely that what is occurring is a hard-wired dominence response to what appears to be another male's dominence display.

Lest someone think that human males have somehow risen above this sort of thing, let me note that it is well known that males in prison routinely utilize male-on-male sex as a dominence display.

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