Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ayatullah Sistani on Alcohol and Medicine Ayatullah Sistani on Alcohol and Medicine

As noted in a previous post, the Grand Ayatullah Sistani has a web page (unfortunately not currently accessible) that includes a Q&A section.

As we all know, Islam forbids imbibing alcoholic beverages. But the Ayatullah clarifies how this relates to the modern world.
a) Alcohol itself is pure. Thus, using it medically, for example, as a disinfectant, is perfectly acceptable.
b) It only gets a little harder for medicines suspended in alcohol - as long as you can't get tipsy from them, they are fine. See (#a) above.
c) Pretty much ditto for mouth wash.
d) Non-alcoholic beer is acceptable to drink - if you can't get the least bit tipsy from it.

Lest you think though that he is easing up here, he makes clear that not only cannot Muslims drink, but they can't even sit at the same table as someone drinking alcohol. However, they can eat in the same resteraunt.


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