Saturday, April 23, 2005

PBS Scrutiny Raises Political Antennas PBS Scrutiny Raises Political Antennas

PBS Scrutiny Raises Political Antennas ( is aghast that the Republican dominated board that runs PBS is looking it over for political bias and is hoping to clean such up.
"In an interview yesterday, CPB board chairman Ken Tomlinson called such comments 'paranoia,' and said critics of CPB's initiatives should 'grow up.'

'We're only seeking balance,' said Tomlinson. 'I am concerned about perceptions that not all parts of the political spectrum are reflected on public broadcasting. [But] there are no hidden agendas.'"

It is about time. I listen to PBS a lot as I drive across country. FM seems to be easier to receive than AM in the empty stretches of the west where I tend to drive, and thus, my primary news source then is PBS. But I often switch to Country Western (after all, this is the west we are talking about - about 50% of the stations on the air there are CW) because of some ulta-biased "news" stories on PBS. It seems that pretty much whatever stories they do these days has an ultra-liberal spin to it.


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