Friday, February 18, 2005

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Just a note, I was blogging at until fairly recently. Not a lot there, but a little from the election, etc.

I needed to change the name and couldn't (until tonight, unfortunately) figure out how to do it. Highdown is the source of my last name, "Hayden". It is a hill near Norwich, England, and somewhere around 1100 a Norman knight took it as his surname. We have followed the family back to a Thomas de Heydon in approximately 1130, but others in the extended family have followed it back to Normandy.

In any case, in approximately 1970 my father used Highdown as the name of a company he founded, and of which my three (surviving) brothers and I own most of the common stock. But he still controls the company through the voting stock. Since then, in addition to Highdown Corporation, he has added Highdown Realty, Inc. and Highdown Foundation.

The problem is that he has become somewhat proprietary about the Highdown name, esp. around the family. I have had HIDOWN plates in AZ and UT, but he won't let me get them in CO, where he lives. And he has required that I remove a good portion of the stuff I had at

Thus, I felt it appropriate to switch from blogging under to Unfortunately, as I indicated above, I wasn't able (until tonight) figure out how to change the name of the blog, so just started a new one.


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