Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Inhofe in Gore’s grill about his utility bill Inhofe in Gore’s grill about his utility bill Sen. Inhofe in Gore’s grill about his utility bill:
U.S. Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma asked Gore to pledge to reduce his personal home energy to the national average within a year.

That was in reaction to reports of Gore’s large utility bill at his Nashville home.

Gore responded that he lives a “carbon neutral life” by buying carbon offsets to compensate for his energy use.

Inhoffe called the offsets “gimmicks” used by the wealthy.
Well, so much for Algore testifying about Global Warming. Presumably, Algore is talking about the fact that his company buys "carbon offsets" for him and its other employees. I agree with Inhofe that they are gimmicks - if the problem is urgent, then why take credit for CO2 usage by trees over the next 99 years to offset his extrodinarily high CO2 generation today? (Of course, assuming that the trees are standing in 99 years - which is problematic in many places they are being planted as carbon offsets).


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