Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lamont picks up national, but not local support Lamont picks up national, but not local support

NYT article: Connecticut Feels Strain of a Rematch at the Polls points out that even though a lot of high profile, national, Democrats have switched their support from Lieberman to Lamont in the wake of the later's primary win, it appears that, at least now, a lot of Lieberman's supporters in his own state have not, and in all likelihood will not.

This poses a major delimma to the national party Democrats. Should they give Lamont the support that a Democratic Senatorial candidate would normally get from them? Or should they sit on the sidelines and let the best man win? The problem with the first alternative is that, at present, Lieberman is likely to retain his Senate seat. And yes, he will continue to vote with the Democrats. But the national party would have little power over him, if they actively support Lamont.

Lamont's problem here is that the bulk of Conn. voters are independent, and he would have to carry a bunch of them to win, esp. if Lieberman can retain a lot of his primary support with blue collar Democrats. Yet, they have voted overwhelmingly for Lieberman in the past. Worse, there are likely to be a number of Republicans voting for Lieberman too this time, as the Republican candidate is fairly weak, and Lieberman isn't carrying the "D" this time on the ballot.

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