Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wiretap Surrender Wiretap Surrender

WaPo article titled: Wiretap Surrender suggests that Congress is surrendering to the Administration as to the NSA international surveilance program. The paper is not happy with the "compromise" legislation, which is probably why I am.

Instead of eliminationg the NSA program, this would provide oversight. But that is precisely what it needs. The problem all along has been that FISA is much too cumbersome as to the getting of warrants. It was designed at a different time for a different technology and different enemies. It was aimed at spying by the USSR and the PRC. These were slow moving targets, and a slow, cumbersome, procedure for warrants was just fine. It just doesn't work in today's world of al Qaeda and disposable cell phones.

What the WaPo fails to understand is that the program is necessary to protect the American people against another 9/11 type attack. The people know this, and so does Congress. It is just the MSM in their terminal BDS that doesn't. Warrants don't work, so they are proposing something that would - oversight.


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