Friday, December 03, 2004

Commentary - The Islamic of Europe? Commentary - The Islamic of Europe?

Commentary - The Islamization of Europe? talks about how militant Islam is potentially taking over Europe - essentially a relatively peaceful reverse Crusades.

I really don't hold out much hope for the "old" Europeans. The article goes into depth as to the demographic trends. But also, Old Europe has lost its vibrancy. It is a society beyond its peak, and, arguably, in decline. And thus, its real danger.

Compare this with this country, the United States. For the most part, we know who we are. There is an American culture, ethos, etc. It is decidedly Judeao-Christian in origin and current culture. Sure, some day we will decline, as do all civilizations, but not yet, and not in my lifetime.

So, what does that mean for the world. I think ultimately we can expect to see four major power centers in the world, a Christian America, a Moslem Middle East, a Hindu India, and a Confucian Far East. Old Europe will be mostly under the sway of the Moslems. New (middle to eastern) Europe will be allied with us. Africa will, for the most part, be fought over - still, with northern Africa solidly in the Moslem camp.

The Russians cannot realistically expect to keep Siberia. Ultimately, the Chinese will take it. It is too valuable, too far away from Russia itself, and China is much more vibrant today than Russia can expect to be. This will means, ultimately, that Russia must face west, and, in particular, make common cause with its Christian former satellites in New Europe.

One commentator has suggested that both China and India have a lot of recent experience fighting militant and expansionist Islam. But before you can count them as allies, one must consider that they have fought each other several times during the 20th Century. Also, they compete head on in so many areas.

Finally, both face the same demographic challenge - both have way too many young males, as compared to females. When this situation is induced in rats, the juvenile males start running in packs, terrorizing everyone else, esp. the weak. We see the same in humans. The reality is that the females of our species civilize the males. If there are too many males without mates to civilize them, there is hell to pay. There are really two solutions: suffer the consequences; or kill of the excess males through war.

Thus, I do not expect the Indians and the Chinese to coexist peacefully in common opposition to militant Islam. But rather, to bleed off some of their excess males in minor skirmishes. The Indians are more likely, I think, to ally themselves with us. After all, they are, for the most part, Caucasian, have English as a primary language, and are, to some extent, a common law country. This leaves the Chinese to ally somewhat with the Moslems. But due to their own Moslem problems, I do not see this being a very close relationship.

I hope I am wrong. Our culture came, for the most part, from Old Europe. There is a lot of sentimental value there. My parents probably made it to Europe, most often Great Britain, once a year, from the early 1970s until my mother's death last year. Indeed, my 82 year old father spent a week at Oxford this year taking a class on Islam. This love goes deep with us.

And I don't want us to lose it. As happened in the 1400s, when Constantinople finally fell to the Turks. They converted some of the oldest and grandest churches in Christendom to Mosques.


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